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Our gaming style chairs are ergonomically designed to make your life at your computer more comfortable and in style. Choose your style with the features that you want.


Our full-surface mouse Pad desks have an advanced cable management system, sturdy steel legs, and has a very spacious surface. Ranked as ‘Best Dedicated Gaming Computer Desk’ by, the design is built to last and Patent Pending.


Our USB microphones are ideal for streamers or gamers that want to communicate clearly and with out hassle with their Plug & Play feature.


Protect your eyes from DEF (Digital Eye Fatigue) by blocking blue light from your monitors. The Visione eyeware are easy on the eyes so long hours of computing can be done more comfortably.


Floor Mats, interchangeable mouse pads, and Velocità

Racing Simulator Stands

Our Patent Pending racing simulator stand Velocità is a unique design so you can attach your racing simulator to your own computer chair. The design saves you storage space and money.

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Step Up Your Setup