Custom Products

Personalize your product!

Over the years we have received a lot of questions about the possibility of customizing our chairs. Before it has not been possible since it had to be done during the manufacturing which meant a steep cost and long lead-time. But we wanted to change this so we got our self a state-of-the-art embroidery machine to our office in Sweden. Now we are able to embroider your own personalized text that you create right here on the website.

You can find the available products below. At the moment we only have the stand-alone neck pillows available for customization but we hope to add more products in the near future. Once you click on a product you will be able to see more information as well as a design tool where you can create and preview your design.

Embroidery Process.

Below you can find a quick explanation on how the embroidery is made. At the moment it’s only possible to embroider the neck pillows but we hope to extend this to chairs in the near future.

1. Create your text

First you need to create your text using our design tool. You can adjust the size of your text, font and font color. It’s possible to add your text to multiple spots or just choose one.

2. Digitizing

When you have placed your order we will digitize your design which means that we use a special emroidery software to design the text you already created. This software let us setup the stitching in real time so we can see almost exactly how it will look when its embroidered on the real product.

3. Embroidery

Now it’s time for the actual embroidery. First we make sure that everything is centered and lined up correctly in the embroidery machine. Then we load the digitized file we created earlier into the software. Finally we press start and let the machine do the rest.

4. Finnished Product

Here you can see the final result.