Cleaning Kit

It is important to take care of your chair to ensure that it stays in top shape. Because of this, we have developed our own cleaning kit that is perfect for both fabric and leather upholstery.

Below you will find some general tips for taking care of your chair.

Sweat and body oils

Sweat and body oils can be harmful to both PU leather and True Leather in the long run. We recommend that you wipe off your chair with a damp cloth regularly to keep the leather in perfect condition. We also recommend that you use our Multi-Surface cleaner from our cleaning kit from time to time. It also works as a conditioner and will help to keep the leather supple and prolong the lifetime considerably.

Put on some clothes!

Since both sweat and body oils can be harmful to leather you should try and avoid direct contact with your skin. So put on some clothes to keep the leather looking as good as possible!

Avoid the sun and other heat sources

Long exposure to sunlight and other heat sources can cause dryness and cracking of the leather. Try and position your chair away from direct sunlight and other heat sources such as radiators and air-conditioners to avoid this.

The quicker the better

Leather is generally very resilient and easy to keep clean. But if an accident happens and you spill something it’s important to quickly cleaning it up to avoid the spill sinking into the leather. Use a dry cloth or a regular kitchen roll to soak up the spill. Do not use a wiping motion, instead gently blot the spillage area to absorb it. For tougher stains we recommend our Multi-Surface cleaner from our cleaning kit.

Keep away from sharp objects and pets.

Even though both PU leather and True Leather is very resilient you still need to be mindful of how the chair is used. Avoid sharp objects like cloth studs and keys in your back pocket for instance. And keep the chair away from mischievous pets and their claws!