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The Arozzi Favo is a featherweight Mouse with the powerful Pixart 3389 sensor and Omron 20M switches. The honeycomb pattern provides ventilation to keep your palms cool and fresh during use.

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Ultra Light Gamingmouse

Looking for a new mouse that won’t weight you down? The Arozzi Favo Ultra Light Gaming Mouse will raise your game to a new level! Built for speed, control and comfort with a weight of only 74 g, the Arozzi Favo is one of the lightest gaming mouses on the market! The Arozzi Favo Gaming mouse is equipped with Pixart 3389 sensor, Omron 20M switches and 7 buttons. Arozzi Favo comes also with customizable RGB lightning, both in bottom panel and inside logo, easily controlled direct on the mouse.


  • Extremely light weight
  • Light, ultra-flexible braided cable
  • Seven buttons
  • 200~16000 Dpi (Adjustable)
  • Omron switch
  • RGB bottom panel
Sensor Pixart® 3389 Sensor
DPI 200~16000 Dpi (Adjustable)
Switch Omron 20M Switches
Weight (Without Cable) 74g 2.61 Ounce
Weight (With Cable) 106g 3.74 Ounce
Cable: Braided Cable 180 cm 70.9 inches
Box Dimensions 16 x 21 x 5.8 cm 6.3 x 8.27 x 2.28 inches
Gross Weight 276g 9.74 Ounce
System Requirements
PC Windows Vista, XP Home Edition or XP Professional, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10
Macintosh Mac OSX (10.6.4 or higher) – The software is not compatible with MAC OSX.
USB 2.0 High Speed; 256 MB RAM (minimum)

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Download Software (EXE)

Download Software (RAR)

Download Software (ZIP)

The software is not compatible with MAC OSX.

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Light & flexible braided cable

The light flexible Paracord Cable will give the mouse an almost wireless feel. The cord is 1.8m long.

Seven buttons

For such a light weight mouse, it stills holds seven buttons. Two thumb buttons, Left & right click as well as the clickable scroll wheel and the DPI button. It also has button underneath to adjust the RGB settings.

Extremely light weight

You will hardly feel the honeycomb pattern when holding the mouse, but during gameplay it provides ventilation to keep your palms cool and fresh. Cleaning the Arozzi Favo is easy, just use an air container to keep the mouse as good as new.

Omron 20M switch

The Favo runs with an Omron 20M switch, which is a very popular type of microswitches used for pointing devices, well known for their durability, testing up to 20 million times.

Pixart 3389 Sensor

The Favo Sensor provides you with a best in class gaming experience with the enhanced features of high speed, high resolution, high accuracy and selectable lift detection height.

Adaptable Software

In the Favo Software you can customize the mouse in various ways to make it fit your needs perfectly. To control your RBG, DPI, Profile settings and more. we recommend you download it here:


Download Software (EXE)

Download Software (RAR)

Download Software (ZIP)

The software is not compatible with MAC OSX.

RGB lights

Along the bottom side of the mouse, runs an RBG panel as well as the RBG logo on the inside of the mouse. These can be changed in color, pulse and intensity to for your own personal taste (software required).

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