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The Pro Version of the Verona V2 with more features, more space, and a higher weight capacity.

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The Verona Pro V2 is Pro for a reason. Compared to the Verona V2 is has a higher weight capacity of 130kg plus a more advanced seat mechanism that incorporates both the Rocking Function & Locking Tilt Function.


  • Upgraded design that has more space and new aesthetics
  • Steep recline going back up to 165°
  • Pro locking mechanism that can tilt the seat back and be locked in place
  • Large premium casters for easy movement
  • Rocking function with adjusted resistance
  • Tough metal frame supporting up to 130kg/ 290 lbs.
Weight Capacity 130 kg 290 lbs
Netto Weight 22 kg 48.5 lbs
Gross Weight 25.5 kg 56.2 lbs
Box Dimension 86 x 69 x 35 cm 33.9 x 27.2 x 13.8 inches
Seat foam density 40-45 kg/m³
Backrest foam density 25 kg/m³
Backrest maximum tilt angle 165 degrees

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Ergonomic Design

The Verona Pro V2 is developed with Arozzi’s signature ergonomic design making it easier on your back and posture for longer periods of use. It is equipped with 2 soft adjustable pillows: a lumbar pillow to support your back & a headrest pillow to support your neck and head.

Adjustable Armrest

The Armrests are 1-dimensional adjustable moving up and down with an easy push of a button. The tops are padded giving your forearms and elbows support and comfort while you are working or playing hard during long periods.

Steep Recline

Working hard and need a rest? Recline the backrest at 4° lockable increments that goes up to 165°. Find the right angle for you that compliments your body and posture.

Rocking Function

The chair can be locked in a fixed upright position or can be unlocked to freely tilt back and forth in a rocking motion up to 12°. Use the adjustment wheel to set the desired resistance.

Locking Tilt Function

Like your chair leaned back a few degrees? The locking tilt function allows you to not only rock back the seat & backrest but also lock it in the position that fits you.

Pleather Material

The soft pleather is built to last and is easy to clean. The metal frame is padded with a snug foam that has a density of 45 kg/m³ for the seat and 25 kg/m³ for the backrest.

Assembly Guide

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Jukka K.

After sales service works

Good chair and after sales service works.


Been my favourite chair for the past few years

I've had this chair for a few years, I absolutely love it! Not only is it extremely comfortable where you could sit and watch movies or play games for hours on end without getting any pains or aches. Chair has seen some wear though over the years and not long ago from writing this review I ordered a new wheelbase for the chair as the stock one has started cracking on a few spots. Kinda disappointed that you can't purchase new armrests as the stock ones has started tearing away massive chunks. Other than that this chair has been perfect for me.


Almost perfect

I just installed it, I think overall it is a nice chair, but there are some things I don't like ... The left/right padding at the lower back are too apart from one another, they do not support my back at all, I can fit 3 fingers to both left and right, and that part is critical for lower back / lobar support. Arozzi Milano looks right when it comes to this detail. Please address this in future models, I am sure a good padding would fit both larger and medium sized people. I am ~85 kg, medium stature. The armrests seem to have a bit of adjustments at the bolts underneath, please make that adjustment longer so the armrests can come closer to one another, now they are 1cm away from the chair and posture is not natural. Other than that I like the ability to lock the tilt/balance and the adjustable back angle, these two allows to set a position with less stress on my back. Materials are nice but they can be better, me personally I would prefer a longer lasting thicker cloth instead of the synthetic leather-like material, this one looks fragile. It is still one of the most comfortable chairs I used, besides some nice car seats.

Mike I.


High quality and super comfortable!

Sven G.


Stuhl soweit super,jedoch die Armlehne is voll vermackt.Sind Abdrücke drauf die nicht raus gehen , 299 bezahlt und ein teilweise kaputten stuhl bekommen.Voll kacke


Hi Sven! We are more than happy to take care of any issues. Just send us a message via the support form: