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Smaller version of the Arena Desk. Full-surface mouse pad with an exceptional cable management system.



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The Arena Fratello is the smaller version of the regular Arena. Our Swedish designers created it to optimize your gaming and computing experience with utilizable features, sturdy & long-lasting materials, and optimized aesthetics.


  • Full-surface mouse pad
  • Mouse pad is water-resistant and machine washable
  • 3 Cut outs for cable management and monitor attachment
  • Cable management basket tightly fit under the desk
  • Sturdy steel legs for long-lasting stability
Desk Top Load Capacity 65 kg (evenly distributed) 143.3 lbs (evenly distributed)
Number of boxes 1
Gross Weight 28.5 kg 62.8 lbs
Box Dimension 79 x 59 x 30 cm 31 x 23.2 x 11.8 inches
Desk Netto Weight 24 kg 52.9 lbs

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Huge Full-Surface Mousepad

The entire surface of the Fratello desk is covered with an interchangeable microfiber mousepad on top of a tough MDF board. The mousepad is specially designed to custom fit the curved desk with an anti-slip rubber bottom to ensure that it stays in place.

Water-resistant & Easy to Clean

The full-surface mousepad is also water-resistant, making cleanup easy and simple. If you wish to have a more thorough cleaning, just throw it in your machine washer.

Cable Management

The Fratello has 3 cutouts on top of the surface that lead to a mesh basket that tightly held against the underside of the desk for cable management. This system is easier to manage, out of the way, and looks great.

Monitor Attachment

The 3 cutouts in the mousepad & MDF board aren’t only for cable management, but also to attach monitors and is spacious enough to hold 2 large-sized monitors.

Assembly Guide

Having trouble putting your desk together? Check out our detailed video guide. Note that the product in the video is the Arena Leggero, but the steps are the same.

Or do you prefer a PDF guide? Don’t worry we got you covered!

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