Affiliate Information

Welcome to Arozzi’s Affiliate Program!

In short, this affiliate program will let you earn a commission when you refer someone to our site and they complete a purchase. The commission is a percentage of the product’s value so the more people you refer the more you will earn.

There are two ways to refer the customers, either by a unique link or by a coupon code:

  • Link – You can generate your own unique URL that you can share on your different platforms. You generate this URL in the next tab or you can find ready-made designs under the “Creative” Tab. When a person clicks on your link and makes a purchase you will earn a commission.
  • Coupon code – If you have a connected coupon code you will be able to see it under the “Coupons” tab. Every time this code is used you will receive a commission.

Affiliate Arena Tabs

Affiliate URLs
Here you can generate your unique URL code that will be used to track your commissions. The Page URL is the page on Arozzi’s website that you want to link to. The standard page is the home page: but you can link to specific products or any other page if you prefer.

You can also add a campaign to your URL. The campaign is used as a unique identifier that will help you keep track of how much the affiliate URL generates. Maybe you want to have separate URLs for your different social media to see which channel generates the most sales for you? In that case, you can add Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch, to name a few, as your campaign names.

Here you can find an overview of how you are doing. You can see your earnings, your number of referrals, how your different campaigns are doing amongst other things.

Check all the different referrals you have had and their status. If the status says rejected this is most likely because the order has not been paid by the customer or canceled for another reason.

Here you find a list of all the payouts that you have received.

Here you can see all the unique visits that your links have generated.

We have added some designs that you can easily copy and paste to your own pages to help you refer people to our site.

The payment will be issued to your PayPal account so make sure to add your email that’s connected to PayPal here.


Your payments will be issued on a monthly basis via PayPal. There will be a one-month delay to make sure that the orders are actually completed and paid for by the customer. So, January’s commission will be paid out last of February, February’s commission will be paid out last of Mars, and so on. You will be able to keep track of this yourself in your affiliate area.